Jill Maughan

Award winning poet and author. Born in Newcastle in 1958 and completed her BA in Sunderland University, the same place I did mine! Has written just the one pony book and a book of poetry.

Horse & Pony Books:

(ARMADA PB 1990)
SUMMARY After riding for years at the stables run by the unpleasant Janey, Lucy is overjoyed to be getting her own horse. When her father asks Janey to help buy his daughter a horse neither he nor Lucy thinks she will stoop low enough to buy an unsuitable horse in order to make a profit. But the new purchase is a large ex-steeplechaser whom Janey thinks she can train to win the local point to point in order to secure the large prize to help her crumbling business. Lucy knows that an ex-racehorse is no mount for a 12 year old girl but she has fallen in love with Sundance and wants to keep him. As Janey's behaviour becomes more erratic Lucy must go out on a limb to help herself, her horse and the people around her.

Collectors info:
Paperback edition only. Not common but still can be found without too much effort through internet book shops and is usually low cost.